Employee Insights

eNPS as the new KPI

Do you know how satisfied your colleagues are with their workplace, and if they would actively recommend their workplace to others? Many will answer yes, and refer to the annual employee satisfaction survey conducted by HR. Often followed by the mandatory, annual assessment interview, which everyone dreads (especially the managers).

The apparent shortcomings of this way of managing employee engagement has left a void in the employee retention and engagement space, allowing for other, more data-driven paradigms to emerge. One of these is the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) (LINK), which is a manageable and transparent way of measuring employee loyalty. It seems that having an up-to-date and more accurate information about employee loyalty and satisfaction is becoming the KPI that an increasing number of organizations are taking an interest in. Not because it’s good for corporate branding – it just makes good business sense.







Insights that create change

But creating and implementing a clear strategy for targeting, measuring and analyzing employee loyalty can be taxing for some organizations. One thing is to initiate a project and monitor employee engagement ratings over a period, another is the drive the process over longer periods of time.

Tabsurvey Connect has vast experience with driving employee engagement processes in organizations. Processes typically include tailoring questionnaires, data capture on different touch points, data cleansing and validation. We also offer the business intelligence solutions in order to provide the overview and detail that can guide the management team in creating more engaged employees.