Data Optimization Services

Put your data to good use

The basic rationale behind our data optimization services relies on the premise that many data sources in organizations are not adding the value they should. As time passes, once high-priority surveys statistics and reports don’t get attention they deserve. Not that the information they convey is any less relevant or important, but simply because they, for some reason, didn’t become day-to-day key metrics or part of the strategic objectives. This is the problem that tabsurvey Connect sets out to solve with our data optimization services.








Identify new data patterns

We work with pattern discovery and predictive analytics. Pattern discovery is a term used for finding patterns or similarities between observations, groups, people etc. without necessarily knowing what to look for. Predictive analytics, on the other hand, aims towards predicting actions or outcomes by examining correlations between different data sources.

Applying one or both of the above concepts, tabsurvey Connect is able to explore and analyze your new and existing data in your organization and discover new meaningful causalities or rules that give you the opportunity to predict future outcomes or events.